crypto answers rafflecopterWe have partnered with Rafflecopter to bring you guys an easy and secure way to opt-in to our free Bitcoin giveaways. Every article, video, and podcast we publish comes with a giveaway attached directly in the post.

Here is an example of one of our article posts that features our Bitcoin giveaway:win bitcoinWhy are you giving away free Bitcoin?

It’s important to first understand that there is no such thing as “free” – neither in fiat nor in cryptocurrency. If it is advertised as free, stay away! Instead of putting this in the fineprint that no one reads anyway, we want to tell you exactly why we run these giveaways and how you and the world can both benefit by opting into them.

In order to enter into one of our Bitcoin giveaways, Rafflecopter will instruct you to either visit, share, or subscribe to a particular post or page on Crypto Answers. Don’t worry, you’re sharing the best content on cryptocurrency and blockchain related news available on the web today (nothing spammy, clickbaity or malicious – just our content that you have already come to know and love). Giveaways are no purchase necessary and we never ask for your money, only your momentary attention.

Instead of running ads on Google and further feeding a large centralized power, we instead want to call on you, the viewer, to help spread the much-needed news, resources, and mission-critical intel that the cryptocurrency and blockchain community truly deserve.

When do you announce the giveaway winners?

When a giveaway ends, we go through the entries to weed out potentially fraudulent entries (we highly recommend entering giveaways through Facebook). We then take all the valid entries and let Rafflecopter automagically pick 1-10% of all valid entries as the final giveaway winners. If there are 100 valid total entries, Rafflecopter will select 1-10 winners.

Giveway winners are announced each week. We will contact you and request your public Bitcoin wallet address to which we will then send your winnings. Winners are announced in the Rafflecopter giveaway of the original post.bitcoin giveaway winners

How can I win Bitcoin if I don’t have a cryptocurrency wallet?

If you’re new to the cryptocurrency space, we highly recommend learning more about Bitcoin and the blockchain technology that makes things tick (knowledge is power as it will help you keep your digital assets secure). If you’re already familiar with most of the buzzwords in this industry then you should learn about cryptocurrency wallet best practices.

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