shipingCryptocurrency and blockchain have been hailed as the gateway to the future of technology. Many major firms in the world now have a dedicated workforce which is researching on these technologies. With massive growths recorded in 2017 – consumers have taken well to these technologies too. Shping is a platform that offers cryptocurrency rewards to the retail consumer – a first of its kind software in the retail sector.

The retail sector, which is growing at a rapid pace, is estimated to hit $28 Trillion soon. Shping targets this booming retail sector for a unique solution to marketing needs. Shping allows brands and businesses to connect with shoppers in a way that no other platform has done so far. Shping makes it easier for brands to conduct market research while motivating consumers to participate in it with cryptocurrency rewards. Shping is also creating a global product database which will feature millions of products from around the world.

Transactions on the Shping network take place using the Shping Coin (SHPING). Let us take a closer look at the platform and all that it has to offer.

How is Shping Revolutionizing the Retail Sector

Shping is revolutionizing the retail sector by bringing forward some innovative technologies which have historically never been a part of retail marketing in the past. Shping helps brands conduct market researchers and surveys without having to spend much on them! Moreover, consumers can fill these surveys and forms – and get rewarded in cryptocurr encies.

For brands, spreading product awareness too – has become much more comfortable with Shping. The platform allows the users to watch videos about products on the Shping app, for which consumers are rewarded with cryptocurrencies. It not only helps educate consumers about the benefits of the brand but also improves the brand communication with them effectively.

Simply put, Shping for brands helps them in reducing ad expenses and market research – as the consumers would willingly watch their ads (educating themselves in the process), as well as fill surveys and provide feedback to earn cryptocurrency rewards. Moreover, by watching these videos and reading up on the product information, consumers too would become more aware and would be able to make a well-informed choice.

However, apart from these benefits from the brands and the consumers, Shping is also working towards creating a global product database – where millions of products from around the world would be listed. Shping’s global product database already has 30 Million products from around the world registered on the platform – and it is a list which keeps on growing.