nako mbelle podcast fintech interviewWe sit down with Nako Mbelle to find out a bit about what she and her colleagues do over at Fintech Recruiters, a global recruitment firm with clients in the financial tech industry.

We pinpoint some of the ideal traits and characteristics that are commonplace in the fintech industry, particularly in blockchain and the highly sought-after talent thereto.

If you are a highly skilled programmer or business developer that operates at the cutting-edge, feel free to reach out to Fintech Recruiters.

Fintech Recruiters Interview Transcript:

How are you doing today Nako?

I’m good, thanks for asking.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, how you got started in the recruitment industry, where Fintech Recruiters is at now and who your clients are?

We work with clients that are in crowdfunding, alternative lending (bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain). The commonality between all of our clients is that they are disruptive, disruptive in finance. We have offices in Barcelona and New Jersey and do placements in most of the major fintech hubs, including Toronto, San Francisco, Hong Kong, Singapore, Atlanta. We work not just on technical roles, but most of our roles are for software developers in the space.

What kind of talent are you seeking?

Most startups will hire you for one thing but you will end up wearing different hats, that’s just the nature of a startup. Let’s say you’re a Go developer, which is hot right now, but you don’t necessarily have financial experience, companies will still hire you because they’re really looking for someone with solid coding skills. People still want specialists and its definitely a benefit if you’ve worked in finance. There are certain stacks that traditional fintech companies like, and certain stacks that blockchain companies like.

Speaking of stacks, can you tell us a little bit about solidity?

Solidity is the language that Ethereum is written on however like most programming languages there is always an origin. If you’re a C developer, Solidity will make sense, however if you’re a C++ developer then the Bitcoin protocol will make sense as those are the languages these frameworks are built on. The stack that blockchain people seem to like is Go on the back-end, Javascript both on the back-end, node.js, and react.js on the front-end. Most companies will prefer Go and Python, particularly in Bitcoin protocol. Knowing C will make things easier for you.

Can you tell us where you currently source your talent from?

It’s not easy, the’re not on I use a lot of social media, LinkedIn is huge obviously but also Facebook groups that have developers that I’ll reach out to and Reddit. Reddit has a super active developer community. Social media is like our number one source because we don’t have a traditional database that we can go to since all of this is still so new. Referrals are typically our highest quality candidates.

Looking forward, what are the future possible implications of the blockchain industry?

I have huge hopes for this industry and I think it’s going to change the world. I think we’re at a stage that’s similar to 1994 like when the internet was just being built. There was no Facebook, Google, Twitter, just America Online. That’s kind of where we are now in relation to the blockchain industry, so think of what there is yet to come. The benefits of this will be seen globally. The un-banked are no longer those in third world countries, many middle class people in developed countries are realizing they are being bamboozled. If you’re an entrepreneur, the fees that come out your account can be high, especially when you don’t do direct deposit and pay yourself as the business owner. This will let people have more freedom and a greater sense of empowerment. What I’m really excited about now are the decentralized exchanges as they can be another avenue for people who trade and do business with cryptocurrencies. I’m excited about a lot of things, I’m super excited about this space.

That wraps it up for today, I really appreciate you being here Nako!

Please speaking to you to Alan and I’m looking forward to hearing more of your show. I’m really happy that there are people like you that are educating the public and spreading the word. We need more people in crypto.

Where is the best place to reach you?

Social media or our website.

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