moxyone spend tokenCryptocurrencies and ICOs have been one of the most popular things in 2017. The year 2018 has already started, and we’ve seen a lot of ICOs being launched this year as well. Even after all the hype and fame, coin HODLers still can’t use the cryptocurrencies and tokens like fiat currency. MoxyOne is a platform which has launched the whitepaper which includes the platform that’ll provide a seamless infrastructure to companies trading cryptocurrency.

The main aim of MoxyOne is to provide users with the ability to use cryptocurrency the way they would use fiat. That’s why it has introduced Debit cards. It doesn’t stop there; it also wants the other cryptocurrencies and ICOs to get benefit by its technology. That’s why it is allowing the ICOs and other cryptocurrencies to partner and white label MoxyOne’s wallet system. This way, an ICO will be able to give debit cards of their brand to the holders. Let’s delve into the details a bit:

Debit Card

The Debit card provided by MoxyOne will be usable like we use our Bank debit cards. The only difference would be, on a bank debit card the currency is a fiat, while in this debit card, it could be any currency supported by MoxyOne.

One has to set up the wallet before transacting on the Debit card. In it, you’ll need to setup the default currency. So, next time you perform a transaction, that particular coin will be deducted.

Multiple Coin Support

The MoxyOne wallet supports multiple coins and won’t be limited to SPEND coins alone. Although you can’t expect all your favorite coins to be present in it, you surely will be able to find some of the popular ones inside the wallet. You can also contact the core team and let them know if you want to add a coin to the wallet.


Artificial intelligence is the next thing. With MoxyAI, the platform provides you with the best fiat value of the currency and the coin which should be sold to get more benefits. For instance, if the price of ETH is up by 20% in the past 30 minutes and of SPEND coin is up by 30% in the past 30 minutes. It would probably suggest you sell your SPEND coin over Ethereum because of the growth rate.


The MoxyOne isn’t just launching the platform; it also is launching a token of its own called SPEND. SPEND token is the backbone of the MoxyOne. Every transaction performed on the platform would use it. Increase in the usage could lead to increase in the price. Isn’t it better than holding fiat?

Instant Fiat

You get a virtual debit card and a physical debit card on payment of fees. They can be used to withdraw your cryptocurrencies from any ATM or shopping website in the world. That way you can convert your cryptocurrencies into fiat instantly. For example, you can go to a Restaurant and use your Ethereum for the payment, it’ll automatically convert Ethereum to SPEND and Spend to equivalent fiat amount and pay the merchant.

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