blockchain in healthcareHealthureum is a blockchain based healthcare management system which is all set to change the way the existing healthcare infrastructure works. Blockchain technology is being adapted these days by everyone ranging from insurance companies to IT firms and banks. Healthcare organizations are now the latest set of businesses to join the blockchain revolution with Healthureum.

Healthureum, which is based on the Ethereum blockchain offers a number of benefits for the caregivers (hospitals and doctors) as well as for the patients. It is a platform which provides a number services which are aimed at automating the healthcare infrastructure as well as bringing forward a new-age solution to age-old techniques of inventory management and quality control.

Healthureum comes with its own cryptocurrency token which can be used to make payments over the platform. The HHEM cryptocurrency token is one of the biggest assets of this platform which allows automation and faster, easier payments as well as philanthropy.

The technology was conceptualized by a team of industry experts from various fields and nationalities. They came together to bring Healthureum to life along with a team of developers. The work on this project started in September of 2016 and has since been going strong – with a roadmap till 2019 in sight, the marketing efforts are well in place.

Here’s a video that details what Healthureum is and how it works.

How Does Healthureum Help?

Better Record Keeping

Keeping and maintaining records is one of the most critical parts of the healthcare industry, for both, the caregivers as well as the patient. All these health related reports and records need to be kept safely and need to be produced whenever required. This helps keep the doctors aware about the progress of a patient’s health and helps them track and update it well. Saving these records on the Healthureum blockchain keeps them both – private, as well as safe.

Better Inventory Management

Inventory management is usually considered to be an old-school task which is often handed over to the administrative team. However, this is something which can be automated with the help of the Healthureum blockchain. The system will keep a record of the inventory and as soon as items fall below a set level – they will automatically be ordered for and refilled. The vendor would be automatically paid with the HHEM cryptocurrency token. This ensures that there are no middle-men in the process and that the quality of the supplies is maintained .

Video Consultancy

In case the patient is not in town or it is an inconvenient time, a doctor can immediately be accessed with the help of a video consultancy service which Healthureum provides. The payment for the doctor’s time and advice can be made via the HHEM token.

Easier, Faster Payments

All the payments to the caregiver can easily be made via the HHEM cryptocurrency tokens. The hospital would list down all the services provided to the patient who can simply make a payment using these tokens. It’s faster, easier and more convenient.

The primary goal of Healthureum is to infuse trust and transparency into the healthcare system – both of which have been on a major decline over the years. There have been plenty of controversies which have shrouded the healthcare industry and Healthureum intends to fix them. Trust in the healthcare sector has been on a sharp decline due to lack of transparency.

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