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Founded in 2017 and based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Crypto Answers is driven by a single prime directive – to bring our followers the latest cryptocurrency and blockchain news, resources, and mission-critical intel.

Our publication is for the cryptocurrency expert and layman alike. We want to give the blockchain world the serious, thoughtful, and fact-driven coverage that both the technology and community deserve.

We cover important developments in the cryptocurrency frontier, with markets including North America, Canada, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East.

We are excited to say that Crypto Answers welcomes views from all over the world; with writers, experts and readers from over 8 different countries.

Crypto Answers Team

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Alan Shteynberg, Editor-in-Chief

Alan is the Editor-in-Chief here at Crypto Answers. After getting hooked on crypto in 2013, Alan has logged thousands of hours researching and writing about the cryptocurrency epoch.

creighton piper

Creighton Piper, Editor

Creighton is a contributor here at Crypto Answers. While he serves actively in the United States Air Force, he follows his passion by creating quality content to keep you up to date with the most newsworthy crypto-related events.

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